Excel 2013 Cheat Sheet

Free Excel 2013 Cheat Sheet

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Excel 2013 Cheat Sheet is a handy tool with tips, tricks, and shortcuts. Here are some of the tips you will learn from this Excel 2013 Cheat Sheet.

The Fundamentals of the Excel 2013 Cheat Sheet

  • The File tab menu and Backstage view contain commands for working with a program’s files, such as Open, Save, Close, New, and Print.
  • To Create a New Workbook: Click the File tab, select New, and double-click workbook, or press Ctrl + N.
  • To Open a Workbook: Click the File tab and select Open, or press Ctrl + O.
  • To Save a Workbook: Click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar, or press Ctrl + S.
  • To Preview and Print a Workbook: Click the File tab and select Print, or press Ctrl + P.
  • To Undo: Click the Undo button on the Quick Access Toolbar, or press Ctrl + Z.
  • To Redo or Repeat: Click the Redo button on the Quick Access Toolbar, or press Ctrl+Y.
  • To Close a Workbook: Click the Close button, ir press Ctrl + W.
  • To Get Help: Press F1 to open the Help window. Type your question and press Enter.

Workbook Management

  • To Insert a New Workbook: Click the Insert Worksheet button next to the sheet tabs at the bottom of the program screen. Or, press Shift + F11.
  • To Delete a Worksheet: Select the sheet you want to delete, click the Delete button in the Cells group on the Home tab, and select Delete Sheet. Or, right-click the sheet tab and select Delete from the contextual menu.
  • To Rename a Worksheet: Double-click the sheet tab, enter a new name for the worksheet, and press Enter.
  • To Change a Worksheet’s Tab Color: Right-click the sheet tab, select Tab Color, and choose the color you want to apply.
  • To Move or Copy a Worksheet: Click and drag a tab to move a worksheet. Hold down the Ctrl key while clicking and dragging to copy the worksheet.
  • To Split a Window: Click the View tab and click the Split button in the Window group. Or, press Alt + WS (one at a time).
  • To Freeze Panes: Place the cell pointer where you want to freeze the window, click the View tab on the Ribbon, click the Freeze Panes button in the Window group, and select an option from the list.

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