New Courseware Available: PowerPoint 2013

Courseware PowerPoint 2013

PowerPoint 2013 Courseware is now available from CustomGuide. Discover what is new in PowerPoint 2013.

Here is a brief overview of what you will learn in CustomGuide’s Excel 2013 Courseware.

The Fundamentals

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program that transforms your message into a professional and convincing presentation. In this course you’ll become familiar with the PowerPoint 2013 working environment. You’ll learn about the Program screen, ribbon, how to issue commands, use Help, and all the new and exciting features of PowerPoint 2013.

Working with Presentations

There are many great things you can do in PowerPoint 2013, but before you can get into all the fun tasks of creating a presentation you need to learn the basics. This course will teach you the basic commands and functions you can perform in PowerPoint, such as how to insert and delete slides, edit content, and make slide notes.

Organize a Presentation

Since you are familiar with the basics of PowerPoint, you are ready to learn how to organize your presentations. In this course you will learn how to work within the four different views offered in PowerPoint 2013 and how to rearrange slides.

Themes and Formatting

Presentations are more effective when they’re appealing designed and formatted. This course explains how format your presentation for high impact. You will learn apply and modify a theme or background, as well as how to adjust slide setup, and format text.

Graphics and Media

Presentations that include graphics and media are much more compelling and interesting than presentations that only contain text. In this course you will learn how to use PowerPoint 2013’s various tools to insert graphics, videos and audio.

Slide Masters

Slide masters affect the look of your entire presentation, and every presentation at least contains one slide master. In this course you will learn view and modify a master slide and use multiple master slides.

Transitions and Animations

Give your presentation that extra pizzazz by adding transition and animation effects. This course will introduce how to add exciting transition and animation effects to your slides and text, changing how PowerPoint advances, enhancing your overall presentation.

Finalize a Slide Show

To make sure your presentation is ready, you need to consider several things. Like are you going to be presenting in front of an audience or will the presentation be unattended and looping. This course will help you answer those daunting questions by showing you how to set up the slide show, rehearse slide timings, and add comments to slides.

Deliver a Slide Show

It’s show time! Learn everything you need to know about running a presentation, including how to navigate between slides and how to impress your audience by using the Pen and Highlighter tools. This course you will also learn several advanced ways to present, such as how to run a presentation on several monitors and how to create a presentation that runs itself.