New Courseware Available: SharePoint 2013

Courseware SharePoint 2013

Discover what is new in SharePoint 2013:

Here is a brief overview of what you will learn in CustomGuide’s SharePoint 2013 Courseware.

The Fundamentals

Microsoft SharePoint is a tool that makes it easier for people to share important information and collaborate on tasks, documents, and projects. This course covers the basic information you need to begin working with SharePoint 2013, including Permissions, Search, Help and the Recycle Bin.

Managing List and Library Apps

Organizations depend on accessing important information so they can make decisions quickly. SharePoint 2013 provides document-management efficiency by sharing information through Lists and Library Apps. In this course you will learn the difference between Lists and Libraries, as well as how to create, sort, and view them.

Working with Documents

Document management is one of SharePoint 2013’s many strengths, so keep all your documents in a SharePoint Library. This course you learn the most ways to use document libraries like how to upload documents, checking them in and out, keep track of versions, get alerts when they are updated, and more.

Collaborating with My Site, Blogs, and Wikis

There are many ways to can interact and collaborate with other on your SharePoint site. In this course you will learn how My Site, Blogs, and Wikis can be used to store, share and keep information organized an easily accessible to the company or your department.

Using SharePoint with Office 2013

SharePoint has the ability to connect with your other Office programs. Learn how to synchronize calendars, import and export from Excel, and co-author documents.

Using SkyDrive with SharePoint

Use SkyDrive for personal document storage with SharePoint 2013. SkyDrive gives you the flexibility to access your documents on any device at any time. In this course you will learn how to add existing, save, share, and follow SkyDrive documents.

Staying Organized with SharePoint

You have the ability to stay organized in SharePoint 2013 but using the Task and Calendar app. The course shows you how to use the apps to organize yourself and your time to ensure you get things done on time.

Managing Sites and Site Content

When you first navigate within SharePoint 2013 it can be difficult to know how to properly manage the site and visible content. In this course you will learn about finding site content, creating and managing Team Sites, working with site templates, and using web parts.