New Courseware Available: Word 2013

Courseware Word 2013

Discover what is new in Word 2013:

Here is a brief overview of what you will learn in CustomGuide’s Word 2013 Courseware.

The Fundamentals

Word 2013 is a powerful program that gives you the tools to create a variety of documents. In this course, you will become familiar with the Word working environment, including the Word Start screen and Backstage view, and the basic ways to view and navigate a document. You will also learn how to save and share a document with others.

Working with and Editing Text

Since text is the primary purpose of Word 2013, this course deals with how to work with text in a document. You will learn editing techniques that you can use to change text in documents you create.

Formatting Characters and Paragraphs

You’ve probably seen documents created where people use different fonts, character styling, and fancy paragraph formatting. This course explains how to apply those formatting techniques to both characters and paragraphs in Word 2013. You will learn how to change the appearance and size of characters in your document. Also, you will learn how to enhance your document by learning the ins and outs of formatting such as alignment, line spacing, bullets, and borders.

Formatting the Page

In addition to applying formatting to characters and paragraphs, you can apply formatting to pages in your document. When formatting a page you can decide the margins, the orientation of the page, the size of the paper, whether you add a header or footer, and the location of page breaks. In this course you will find out how to make the page to look its best.


Keeping the information in your Word 2013 document readable is important, and using a table may be the answer to containing your data. This course digs into how to create, resize, and style a table. Once you have the information in your table, you can do all kinds of things with it, such as sort the information and make your table stand out by positioning it correctly.


You can spruce up a document by adding pictures, screenshots, text boxes, or shapes. Learn how to insert and format the various types of objects to help make your document more compelling.

Styles, Themes, and Templates

Instead of formatting individual words in your Word 2013 document, you can apply or create themes, styles or templates. These formatting options are useful because you can apply a format to an entire group of words in a single step. If you decide to change one of the formatting options every linking character or paragraph will automatically be updated, saving you a ton of time and making your document look cohesive.

Collaborating with Word

Like it or not, it’s likely that someday you will have to create a document with other people. Word 2013 allows you to collaborate with others in creating and updating a document. Word includes tools such as track changes, highlighting and comparing documents, which allows you to examine suggested changes.

Long Documents

When writing a longer document it’s important to understand how to work with outlines and reference tools. This course will dive into applying bookmarks, hyperlinks, cross references, footnotes, citations, table of contents, and an index to better organize a longer document.