New Interactive Learning Available: Outlook 2013

Outlook 2013 WBT

Discover what is new in Outlook 2013

Here is a brief overview of what you will learn in CustomGuide’s Outlook 2013 Interactive Learning.

The Fundamentals

Microsoft Outlook is an essential tool that is used to keep track of emails, calendars, and contacts – and in that sense keeps you productive and speeds up your work. We have narrowed down the most efficient techniques that will help you master basic tasks in Outlook 2013. In this Outlook 2013 Training course, you will learn basic functions such as navigating outlook, using the view tab, using the quick access toolbar, printing, and getting help.


With Outlook 2013 it has never been easier to keep track of your emails! The features available in Outlook make it a piece of cake to create, send, and receive emails from other people. In this Outlook 2013 Training course you will learn about composing emails, conversation views, creating signatures, sending automatic replies, dealing with junk mail, and other formatting techniques.

Advanced Mail

For those of you who want advanced mail options, Outlook 2013 has user-friendly components that make it easy for anyone to configure. In this Outlook 2013 Training course you will learn about themes and stationary, creating and managing rules, sharing your email, using quick steps, and other email settings.


Staying in touch with people is an important part of everyday life, whether it is customers or close family and friends. Outlook 2013 now offers People Hub to store personal and business related information. Work with your contacts on the go by integrating People Hub with your social media accounts. Learn how to create, add, sort, and edit contact groups in Outlook 2013 Training.


Using the calendar in Outlook 2013 makes it easy to manage meetings, appointments, and events. In this course you will learn how to work with multiple calendars, send and share calendars, setup recurring appointments, and schedule meetings.


Sick of those annoying post-it-notes all over your desk, we don’t blame you! Outlook 2013 has a great feature that keeps your pending tasks in mind. In a nutshell, the Tasks Folder stores all of your to-do-lists. In this course you will learn how to create and complete tasks, assign tasks, setup recurring tasks, and follow up with emails.

Managing Information

As you can see, Outlook 2013 offers an array of endless opportunities to stay organized and productive. In this course we will go over working with folders, using categories, viewing old mail, exporting and importing information, and creating search folders.