SharePoint 2013 Cheat Sheet

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SharePoint 2013 Cheat Sheet is a handy tool with tips, tricks, and shortcuts. Here are some of the tips you will learn from this SharePoint 2013 Cheat Sheet.

Quick Launch Tip

Because the Quick Launch bar is customizable (depending on your permisson level) not all the lists and libraries may be listed here. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, go to the Site Contexnts page.

The Fundamentals

  • To navigate in a SharePoint site: SharePoint works like any other website, and delpending on your permission level, you will have access to the Office Ribbon for editing and formatting.
  • To view all the content on the Current Site: Click the Site Contents link at the bottom of the Quick Launch bar to view all the lists, libraries, discussion boards, surveys, and subsites.
  • Understanding Permission Levels: Each user that has access to a site is assigned a permission level. See the list on the right for more information about permission levels in SharePoint.
  • To Search: Click in the Search box at the top of the page. Type your search word or term and press Enter.
  • To Change Views: You can change how items are displayed in a library or list by changing views. Clic the LIST or LIBRARY tabe onthe Ribbon and then select the Current View list arrow in the Mange Views Group to select the view you want to use.
  • To Sign Out: Click the User menu at the top of the screen and select Sign Out.
  • To Sign In as a Different User: Sign out and then on the logon window, click the Use another account option. Enter the alternative user information in the dialog boxes provided and logon.
  • To Change User Settings: Click the User menu at the top of the screen and select My Settings. Click the Edit Item link and update or change your settings as necessary.
  • To Get Help: Click the Help button in the top right corner of the SharePoint site page.

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