Sin City: A Place for Team Building and Learning Too

The entire development team at CustomGuide attended the informative, insightful, and energizing DevLearn conference last week in Las Vegas. It was the first time we had such a large group attend a conference together, and we found that it was a great opportunity to connect and interact outside of the office; a team building exercise without the usual ice breakers, games, and activities. It has been great to return to work refreshed and equipped with new knowledge and resources.
CustomGuide development team in las vegas
The CustomGuide development team living it up in Las Vegas!
Everyone had the opportunity to attend the concurrent sessions were full of great speakers that had excellent ideas on creating courses for mobile learning and HTML 5, designing courses that are engaging (and even entertaining), including social networks as a learning resource, as well as sessions for management, networking, and development. A few takeaways our team had from the concurrent sessions at the conference: 
  • Learning has always been a social activity, but social networks are a new way to learn: “Learning has always been considered a social thing, but social media is the tool that now h elps broaden that learning.”
  • Expectations for content are changing: “I think that as our industry gets more data on how people learn, or prefer to learn, it is changing to more free content with pay for accreditation model than a pay for content model, but I don’t buy that everything will be free in the future.”
  • Content for mobile devices is becoming more prevalent: “I really enjoyed the sessions I attended about designing for mobile interfaces, and feel like I learned quite a bit about that try here.”
  • Curating data is key: “The main thing that I took away was the amount of data that is uploaded to the Internet and the constant struggle to curate that data.”
There were also great keynote speakers. Here are a few keynote highlights for those who weren’t able to make it:
  • Michio Kaku, renowned theoretical physicist and Science Channel host, spoke about a future full of new and exciting ways to access information and learning; imagine computers in your wallpaper, glasses, and even your clothes. Having computers everywhere will change the way we learn, work, and live.
  • Tom Koulopoulos spoke about how the cloud is changing the way we access information and form communities. Think of the Internet as just the beginning; the primordial soup. The cloud is the complex organism that will come from it.
  • Steven Rosenbaum spoke about the importance of curating information in the Information Age. Case in point: it took the human race to the year 2003 to produce an exabyte of information; now an exabyte of information is generated every day. Another statistic: If you watched every video that was uploaded onto YouTube in a single day, it would take you 8 years to watch all of them. With the abundance of data being generated, finding the most important and relevant pieces of data is essential.
The Expo was also very busy, thanks to the many clients and friends of CustomGuide that stopped by. We look forward to seeing you again next year!