Windows 8 Cheat Sheet

Free Windows 8 Cheat Sheet

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Windows 8 cheat sheet is a handy tool with tips, tricks, and shortcuts. Here are some of the tips you will learn from this Windows 8 cheat sheet.

To Open the Start Screen in Windows 8:

Place your cursor in the lower left corner of the screen and click the Start screen icon. Or, view the Charms bar and click Start.

To View the Charms Bar in Windows 8:

Place your cursor in the upper right or lower right corner of the window. Move the cursor toward the icons to make the buttons fully appear.

To Rearrange Tiles:

Tiles are organized into columns of related apps. Drag a tile to a new location in a column, or drag it between columns to start a new column.

To Add Tile to the Start Screen:

Right-click the app and click the Pin to Start button on the bottom bar.

The Charms bar helps you quickly do the things you do most often. What you can do with cuttons on the Charms bar changes, depending on if you’re on the Desktop, the Start screen, or are using an app.

  • Search: Click the search for anything on your computer. Search for a specifici type of file, or search the entire computer.
  • Share: Click to share things with other people – such as photos, documents, or links – without leaving the app.
  • Start: Click to jump to the Start Screen. If the Start screen is already displayed, return to the last app you were using, or switch to the traditional Desktop view.
  • Devices: Click to use any device that’s connected to your computer. For example, to print a file, to import images form a camera, or to manage a wireless device.
  • Settings: Change settings, find help, and get info for your PC and apps here. Also find the most common PC settings: volume, brightness, notifications, power, network connection, and keyboard. Access additional settings such as personalization, users, notifications, ease of access, privacy, and much more by clicking Change PC Settings.

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